‘Game changer’ for dairy farmers

Before inventing the portable water heater, Martin Deady was a distributor for a pressure washer.

He came across a farmer having difficulty in supplying sufficient hot water to the milking parlour for the equipment because of the costs in doing so, as well as the amount generated.

His idea for a portable water heater was born and according to Martin, the Managing Director of Dairy Geyser, the diesel-powered continuous flow boiler is a game changer for dairy farmers.

With the move by many dairy processors towards chlorine-free detergents to ensure low chlorate levels, having sufficient levels of hot water is key to keeping the parlour adequately clean, according to Syl Lyster from Dairy Geyser.

“Once you take chlorine away, you’re taking the edge off the knife. The only replacement is hot water, to have it heated above 50° and plenty of it,” explained Syl, at a recent Milk Quality event held in Teagasc Moorepark.

He said, the mobile diesel-powered machine can save farmers 75pc of running costs compared to traditional electrical water heaters based on day time electricity.

According to Syl, savings of up to €1,000 can be made annually by using the Dairy Geyser, compared to a traditional electric water heater with a water usage of 100,000l per year.

It can produce 20l of heated water per minute, which will predominantly be used in the milking parlour but could also be used to clean down shed and in particular calf houses, where a accumulation of bacteria can lead to major health issues. Taken from Farming Independent : Catherine Hurley. Thank you.