Larger Milking Installations need large quantities of hot water for effective hygiene in the absence of Chlorine Detergents. 

In addition, high temperatures must be maintained throughout the entire circulation period.

How It Works

The following diagram illustrates the mechanism whereby an insulated storage tank can be added after the Dairy Geyser to achieve these objectives.

  1. Cold water goes into the Dairy Geyser
  2. Remote control to initiate instant hot water production
  3. Hot water up to 85°C into an insulated accumulator tank (size determined by demand)
  4. The Accumulator Tank holds at this predetermined temperature up to 85°C
  5. The Accumulator Tank downloads to pump at a vastly improved flow rate to minimise temperature drop
  6. Hot water is pumped to wherever directed e.g.
    1. Milking Machine Sterilisation
    2. Bulk Tank Sterilisation
    3. Feeding Calves
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