Dairy hot water cost savings

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Significant savings can be achieved by switching from traditional batch electrical water heating to an oil fueled water heating system as evidenced in Teagasc update 08/05/2020.

Adequate and regular use of HOT water is vital

“Nine litres of hot water with a starting temperature of 75°C-80°C per milking unit is required. The number of hot washes will depend on the protocol chosen and product type.
For example, seven hot washes per week is the minimum required with a liquid caustic detergent and four hot washes per week is the minimum required with a powder caustic detergent (fewer hot washes due to a higher caustic concentration of 76% in these powder products). The finish temperature of the detergent wash cycle must be at minimum 45°C to achieve good cleaning.”

Cost of heating water with electric, oil and gas water heating systems. Figures are designed to give an indicative estimate for an average system with average efficiency. Prices correct on 08/05/2020

System TypeCost per
100 litres
CO2 emissions
per 100 litres
Day Rate Electricity€2.104.4 kg
Night Rate Electricity€0.944.4 kg
Gas (LPG) Fired€0.872.1kg
*Oil (Kerosene) fired€0.452.6 kg

*All information in this section is taken from the article cited above. All figures are independent figures from Teagasc

Outlined below are ongoing savings accrued at varying annual hot water usage:

Usage Per AnnumSavings Per Annum Versus Electricity Usage
100,000 litres€1050
150,000 litres€1575
200,000 litres€2100
250,000 litres€2500

Savings are compared to electric power at 50% day rate and 50% night rate.

DG2 - Up to 50% Claim Back

Tams Grant (128.5 KW heat output)€1350
VAT Reclaim€840
Total Deduction€2190

Plus - Save up to 75% of your Annual Water Heating Cost

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