Temperature Assurance System

The Irish manufactured Dairy Geyser was designed by Irish Dairy Hygiene experts to provide sufficient hot water at desired temperatures to meet all Teagasc Dairy Hygiene standards.

However, larger milking installations by their very design have difficulty achieving all protocols 100% of the time.

Shocked cow!
Temperature Assurance System: Bringing the Dairy Geyser into the wash cycle

Dairy Geyser, with its revolutionary Temperature Assurance System, is now a game-changer in non-chlorine cleaning as it guarantees the perfect wash 100% of the time ie. the combination of temperature and duration that you decide.

How It Works

The following diagram illustrates the mechanism whereby the Dairy Geyser becomes part of the circulation process ensuring the desired combination of temperature and duration is achieved.

Diagram Of Temperature Assurance System, Explained Below
  1. Cold water goes into Dairy Geyser
  2. Hot water is outputted from Dairy Geyser into the wash trough
  3. Hot water goes from wash trough into milk machine
  4. Water goes through milk machine for cleaning but temperature drops dramatically while being circulated around the milking machine
  5. When system detects low temperature the temperature control system is activated
  6. The circulation pump is activated, pumping water from the bottom of the wash trough on to the Dairy Geyser boiler
  7. The boiler reheats the water and returns it to the wash trough
  8. When the temperature of the water reaches a pre-set temperature e.g. 55°C, it starts the timer and the system maintains the temperature for a pre-set time e.g. 6 minutes
  9. The cold water is flushed through the system to clear acids and detergents
  10. Dairy Geyser boiler returns to normal hot water use


  • Peace of mind; gives perfect wash
    100% of the time
  • Initial heating temperature can be
    lower, ensuring less wear on
    machine, particularly rubber wear
  • Can be fully automated including
    initialising process from the pit
  • Dispenses with need for water
    softener as the acid will ensure
    continuous descaling of the Dairy
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